I, Lauren Schleppi have been painting and drawing since I was just a little artist.  My fifth grade teacher gave me a sketchbook, and ever since I have been pursuing my love of art. I only wish there was more time in the day to do what I love!

I graduated in art education from Indiana University and reside in Denver, Colorado, where I enjoy my career as an art educator for middle    school students at Prairie Middle  School.  I received my Masters degree in the business of art and curriculum  development in art education at Regis University.  My students’ work is displayed throughout the halls of the school, much to the delight of parents, student and teachers.  I create lessons based on the works of artists and cultures. I believe you are never too young to develop an appreciation for art and beauty.

My passion for nature: flowers, trees, mountains and all things outdoors have inspired me to use my talents to recreate what I love on canvas.  Acrylics are my favorite medium, although I also work with oils, pastels and watercolors.  I love the immediacy that acrylics allow me. Many of my paintings are inspired from the amazing flowers at the Botanical Gardens in Denver, and photos taken in all seasons of the ever-changing Colorado scenery.  My expressive style helps me capture the beauty in my paintings. Aspen trees are becoming one of my focuses with the beautiful white bark it adds wonderful contrast! 

I have been experimenting  with mini paintings for the past two years and really appreciate the details I can create on something so small. I value my time and often run out of time between family, teaching and life,  these little paintings allow me to complete a painting a lot faster and still feel a sense of accomplishment. 


Thanks you for taking time to view my work!